A Comprehensive range of Pipeline Equipment
from a bolt to boiler

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A ABS Pressure Pipe Fittings, Imperial Range
ABS Valves, Manually & Power Operated
Actuator Accessories
Actuators, Valve, Electric & Pneumatic
Adjustable Wrenches
Air Duct Thermometers
Air Eliminators, Release Valves
Air Filtration
Alarm Equipment for Oil Tanks
Altitude Gauges & Combined Gauge/Thermometers
Ametal Gate Valves
Anti-Corrosion Tape
Automatic Air Eliminators
B Ball Valves
Barrel Cocks, Round, Bronze
Beaded Malleable Fittings
Bellows Sealed Gate & Globe Valves
Bending Springs
Bibcocks, M.T. Cocks & Stopcocks, Conex
Bibtaps, Brass
Blades, Hacksaw
Bleed Valves, Brass
Block & Bleed Wedge Gate Valves, Cast Steel
Blue M.D.P.E. Pipe Compression Fittings
Boilerhouse, Valves
Bolts, Nuts & Washers
Bonded, Liner Butterfly Valves
Brackets for Pipe & Tube
Branchpipes, Fire Fighting Hose
Brass Ball Valves
Brass Compression Fittings
Brass Fittings
Brazing Fittings, Copper & Gunmetal
Bronze Lift & Swing Check Valves
Bronze Fittings
Bronze Gate & Globe Valves
Butt Welding Fittings, Wrought & Stainless Steel
Butterfly Valves
C Calorifiers, Storage & Non-Storage
Capsule Gauges, Low Pressure
Carbon Steel Flanges
Cast Iron Lift & Swing Check Valves
Cast Iron Commissioning, Gate & Globe Valves
Cast Iron Plug Cocks
Cast Steel Check, Globe & Wedge Gate Valves
Cement, Fire
Chain Wrenches
Check Valves, Bronze, Cast Iron & Steel
Check Valves, Featherweight, Bronze
Check Valves, Horizontal, Vertical & Swing Pattern
Check Valves, Wafer Pattern
Chimney Systems
Clips & Brackets for Pipe Supports
Cock Wrenches
Cocks, Draw-off, Gauge & Round Barrel, Bronze
Cocks, Gland & Plug, 3-Way, Bronze, Brass & Cast Iron
Cocks, Pressure Gauge, Brass & Bronze
Combined Altitude Gauge & Thermometer
Commissioning Valves, Cast Iron & Bronze
Compensators & Expansion Joints
Compound Gauges
Compression Fitting, for Copper, Polythene & Steel Tube
Compression Fittings for Yellow, Blue & Black M.D.P.E. Pipe
Compression Fittings for Polyethylene Pipe & Underground Use
Condensate Pumping Sets
Control Valves
Controllers, Proportional
Convectors, Steam & Hot Water
Copper Brazing End Feed Fittings
Copper Fittings, Solder Ring for Heavy, Potable & Waste Applications
Copper Solder Ring Stopcocks, Gate Valves & Plugcocks
Copper Tube & Fittings
Copper Waste Fittings
Corrugated Rings & Gaskets
Couplings, Fire Fighting Hose
cPVC Tube, Fittings & Valves
Cutters, Pipe
Cutting Oils
D Dial Type Thermometers
Diaphragm Valves
Diehead Sets & Dies
Differential Pressure Indicators
Double Check Valves
Double Regulating Valves
Drain Taps & Draw-off Cocks, Bronze
Dressed Hemp
Drills, High Speed Steel & Masonry
Dual Filters
Duct Thermometers
DZR Compression Fittings
E Ejectors
Electric Actuators for Valves
Electrofusion Fittings for M.D.P.E. Pipe
End Feed, Copper & Gunmetal Pressure Fittings & Stopcocks
Equilibrium Float Valves, Bronze
Exhaust Head
Expansion Units & Compensators

Featherweight Check Valves
Fibreglass Pipe Insulation
Filters & Strainers, 'Y' Type
Filters, Air
Filters, Single & Dual Type
Filters, for Process & Water Applications
Filters, Footvalve Type
Fire Cement
Fire Fighting Equipment
Fire Protection Valves for Boilerhouses
Fire Safe Ball & Butterfly Valves
Fittings, ABS Pressure, Imperial Range
Fittings, Brass, Bronze, Gunmetal & Brazing
Fittings, Compression for M.D.P.E. & Polyethylene Pipe
Fittings, Compression for Steel Pipe
Fittings, Compression for Underground Use & Waste
Fittings, Copper, Solder Ring, End Feed for Heavy Applications inc Large Sizes
Fittings, Malleable Iron
Fittings, DZR, Compression
Fittings, for cPVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene & PVDF Tube
Fittings, Forged Steel, Screwed & Socket Weld to ANSI B16.11 & BS3799
Fittings, General Purpose Welding to BS1965
Fittings, Gunmetal End Feed
Fittings, Hose
Fittings, KeeKlamp
Fittings, Large Size Copper Tube, 67 to 108 mm
Fittings, Mild Steel to BS1740
Fittings, Non-Drip
Fittings, Quick Release
Fittings, Stainless Steel
Fittings, uPVC Pressure, Imperial Range
Fittings, uPVC Quick-joint Compression Type
Fittings, Waste, Gunmetal & Copper
Fittings, Weldable
Fittings, Wrought Steel, Butt Weld to ANSI B16.9, ANSI B16.28 & BS1640
Flake Graphite
Flange Adaptors & Pipe Couplings
Flange Gaskets & Corrugated Rings
Flanges, ABS, uPVC, Carbon & Stainless Steel
Flexible Foam Pipe Insulation
Float Valves, Equilibrium, Bronze & Brass
Floor Plates
Flow Indicators, Sight
Flue Jointing Compound
Flue Systems
Foam Inlet Adaptors, Cabinets & Spreaders
Forged Steel, Bellows Sealed, Gate & Globe Valves
Forged Steel, Check, Gate & Globe Valves
Free Fall Fire Valve Sets
Fusion Fittings for Polypropylene Tube
G Gas Cocks
Gas Fired Unit Heaters
Gas Valves
Gas Vent Flue
Gaskets & Backing Rings for uPVC & ABS Flanges
Gaskets & Corrugated Rings for Flanges
Gaskets, Cut to Customer Specification
Gaskets, Envelope
Gate Valves, Bellows Sealed, Forged Steel
Gate Valves, Bronze inc. Lever-operated
Gate Valves, Cast Iron, Forged Steel & Stainless Steel
Gate Valves, Stopcocks & Plugcocks with Solder Ring
Gauge Cocks & Accessories, Bronze & Brass
Gauges, Altitude, Compound, Pressure & Vacuum
General Purpose Welding Fittings to BS1965
Gland Cocks, 3-Way, Bronze
Globe Valves, Bronze, Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Forged & Stainless Steel
Glycerine Filled Pressure Gauges
Graphited Jointing & Manganese Compound
Grundfos Pumps
Gunmetal End Feed Pressure & Waste Fittings
H H & V Controls
Hacksaws, Frames & Blades
Hand Cleanser
Hand Pads, Abrasive
Heat Exchange Equipment
Hemp, Dressed
High Performance Butterfly Valves
Horizontal Check Valves, Bronze
Hose & Hose Assemblies
Hose, Clips, Clamps & Fittings, All Materials
Hose, Lay Flat
Hose, Metalic, Plastic, PTFE & Rubber
Hose Reels
Hot Water Generators
H.S.S. Drills
HVAC Valves

Immersion Thermometers
Immersion, Boiler & Strap-on-Pipe Thermostats
Indicators, Differential Pressure
Indicators, Sight Flow
Inlet Breechings
Insulated Chimney
Insulation, Pipe, Slab & Roll

Jointing Compounds, Graphited, Manganese & PTFE
Jointing Compounds, Oil & Potable Water
Joints, PTFE
K Kee Klamp Fittings

Landing Outlet Valves, Gate & Globe Type
Large Copper Tube Fittings 67 to 108 mm
Lay Flat Hose
Lever-Operated Gate Valves
Long Spigot Fittings for Polyethylene Pipe
Low Pressure Capsule Gauges
Lubricated Parallel Plug Valves
M Main Cocks, Brass
Malleable Fittings
Malleable Pipe Clips & Brackets
Masonry Drills
M.D.P.E. Pipe Compression Fittings
M.D.P.E. Pipe, Yellow, Blue & Black
Mechanical Joints for Steel & M.D.P.E. Pipe
Mercury-in-Steel Thermometers
Meters, Water
Mild Steel Tube Fittings to BS1740
Miniball Valves
M.T. Cocks, Bibcocks & Stopcocks

Natural Draught Convectors
Non-Return Valves
Non-Storage Calorifiers
Nozzles, Fire Fighting
Nuts, Bolts & Washers

Oil Fired Unit Heaters
Oil Tank Alarm Equipment
Oils, Soluble & Non-Soluble
Oxide Primer

Packings & Jointings, PTFE
Paint Brushes
Parallel Plug & Slide Valves
Paste, Jointing
Penberthy Type Water Risers
Pipe Benders & Pipe Bending Springs
Pipe Clips & Brackets, for Steel, Copper & Plastic
Pipe Cutters
Pipe Flashings
Pipe Insulation
Pipe Jointing System, Viking Johson
Pipe Support System
Pipe Vices
Plastic Pipe, CPVC & PVDF
Plastic Plates for Pipe Entry & Exit Holes
Plastic Tube, ABS, MPDE, PP & UPVC
Plug Cocks, 3-Way, Bronze & Cast Iron
Plugcocks, Stopcocks, Gate Valves with Solder Ring
Plumbers Flux
Plumbers Thermal Protection Mat
Pneumatic Actuators for Valves
Pockets for Vapour Pressure & Mercury-in-Steel Thermometers
Polyethylene Electrofusion Fittings, Metric Range
Polyethylene Pipe, Valves & Compression Fittings
Polyethylene Pupped Fittings for Butt Fusion Jointing
Polyethylene Fusion Fittings
Portable Pressure Fittings, Solder Ring, Copper
Pressure Gauges & Cocks - Bronze & Brass
Pressure Reducing & Relief Valves
Pressure Regulators
Pressure Switches
Pressure Test Points
Primer, Red Oxide
Proportional Controllers
P.T.F.E. Tape
Pumps: Air Diaphragm Pumps
Automatic Packaged Pump Sets
Barrel Pumps
Condensate Pumping Sets
Diaphragm Pumps
End-Suction Pumps
Glandless & Multi-Speed In-line Glandless Pumps
In-line Circulators
Magnetic Drive Pumps
Multi-Speed Glandless In-line Pumps
Peripheral Turbine Pumps
Pressurisation Unit & Sealed System Equipment
Progressive Cavity Pumps
Self-Priming Pumps
Semi-Rotary Hand Pumps
Stainless Steel Sump Pumps
Push-Fit Fittings
PVDF Valves, Tube & Fittings

Quarter Turn Valves
Quick-Joint Compression Fitting for Plastic Pipe

Radiant Heater Controls
Radiant Tube Heaters
Radiator Valves, Thermostatic
Rapid Action Valves, Bronze Self-Closing Type
Rawlbolts & Rawlplugs
Red Oxide Primer
Reducing Valves, Pressure
Reels, Hose
Regrindable Disc Pattern Check Valves
Regulating Valves inc. Double
Regulators, Pressure
Relief Valves, in Brass, Bronze, Steel & Stainless Steel
Rings, Pipe
Room Thermostats
Round Barrel Cocks, Bronze
Round Top Radiators

Safety Valves, Bronze, Brass, Steel & Stainless Steel
Saws, Hole
Screwed & Socket Weld Forged Steel Fittings to ANSI B16.11 & BS3799
Seat Valves
Self-Closing Rapid Action Valves, Bronze
Self-Operated Temperature Control Valves
Sheet Jointing
Sight Flow Indicators
Single Filters & Strainers
Single Set Commissioning Valves
Single Wall Flue
Solder Ring Copper Fittings, for Heavy, Potable & Waste Applications
Solder Ring Stopcocks, Gate Valves & Plugcocks
Solder Wire
Soluble & Non-Soluble Cutting Oils
Spreaders, Foam
Spring Relief Valves, Bronze, Brass & Steel
Springs, Pipe Bending
Sprinkler System Pressure Gauges
Stainless Steel Check, Gate & Globe Valves
Stainless Steel Fittings (Butt Weld)
Stainless Steel Tube Fittings & Flanges
Stainless Steel Flue Pipes
Stainless Steel Tube
Steel Ball, Gate, Globe & Check Valves
Steel Tube to API 5L Grade B, BS1387 Hot Finished Seamless or ERW CHECK
Steel Tube to ASTM A106 Grade B
Steel Tube to BS3601 & BS3602 Pt 1, Hot Finished Seamless or ERW
Steel Tubulars to BS1387
Stopcocks, Brass
Stopcocks, Compression Fitting for Polythene Tube
Stopcocks, M.T. Cocks & Bibcocks
Storage Calorifiers
Strainers & Filters
Strap Wrenches
Suction Tees
Surface Contact Thermometers
Suspended Gas & Oil Fired Unit Heaters
Suspended Steam & Hot Water Unit Heaters
Swing Check Valves, Bronze
Switches, Pressure & Time

Tape Measures
Taps, Drain, Bronze
Tees, Suction
Test Points
Thermometer & Altitude Gauges Combined
Thermometer Pockets
Thermometers, Dial Type, Digital & Vertical Scale
Thermometers, Mercury-in-Steel & Vapour Pressure
Thermostatic Radiator Valves
Thermostats, Capillary & Bulb
Thermostats, Immersion/Strap-on-Pipe & Room
Thermostats, Room
Threading Machines
Three-piece Ball Valves, Steel & Stainless Steel
Tools & Tooling
Tube, ABS & uPVC
Tube, & Tubulars to BS1387
Tube, Copper to BS2871
Tube, Hot Finished Seamless or ERW, to API 5L Grade B, BS3601 & BS3602 Pt.1
Tube, Polyethylene & Polypropylene
Tube, to ASTM A106 Grade B & BS1387
Twin Wall Flue Pipe & Chimney

Union Fittings, Malleable, Bronze & Steel
Union Fittings, Black or Galvanised
Unit Heaters
uPVC FIP Quick-Joint Compression Fittings
uPVC Pressure Fittings, Imperial Range
uPVC Valves, Manually & Power Operated

Vacuum Gauges
Vacuum, Valves, Bronze
Valve Actuators for Modulating Valves
Valves & Stopcocks
Valves: Air Release
Ball & Butterfly
Bellows Sealed, Gate & Globe
Bleed, Brass
Boilerhouse, Fire Protection
Check, Bronze, Forged Steel & Cast Iron
Check, Horizontal & Vertical Pattern, Bronze
Commissioning, Cast Iron & Single Set
cPVC & Polypropylene
Double Regulating
Equilibrium Float, Bronze
Float, Brass
for HVAC Duties
Gate, Cast Iron, Forged Steel, Ametal & Bronze
Globe, Bronze, Cast Iron, Cast Steel & Forged Steel
Landing Outlet
Lever-Operated, Gate, Bronze
Lift Check
Lubricated Parallel Plug
Parallel Slide
Pressure Reducing
Pressure Regulators
Rapid Action (Self-Closing Type)
Regrindable Disc Pattern, Bronze
Swing Check, Cast Iron
Temperature Control
Thermostatic Radiator
uPVC & ABS, Manually & Power Operated
Vacuum, Bronze
Wedge Gate, Cast Steel
Vapour Pressure Thermometers
Vertical Check Valves, Bronze
Vertical Scale Thermometers
Vices, Pipe
Viking Johnson Pipe Jointing System

Wall & Floor Plates
Warm Air Heaters & Recirculators
Washers, Bolts & Nuts
Waste Fittings, Copper Solder Ring
Waste Range Copper Compression Fittings
Water Heaters
Water Meters
Water Raisers, Penburthy Type
Wedge Gate Block & Bleed, Cast Steel
Wedge Gate Valve, Cast Steel
Weldable Fittings
Weld Fittings to ANSI B16.9, B16.28 & BS1640
Welding Fittings, General Purpose to BS1965
Welding Machines for M.D.P.E. Pipe Systems
Woodscrews, Steel, Slot
Wrenches, Adjustable, Chain & Strap
Wrenches for Cocks

XOX Nuts, Bolts & Washers

Y-Type Strainers

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